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  • Watch #YourVoteIsPower: Power in Action livestream series October 23, 2020
    Each Sunday leading up to Election Day, MoveOn will host a livestream event that will dig into the biggest issues facing our country and the most powerful opportunities we have for action, with movement leaders, celebrities, and issue experts. The full series will cover topics including our path to victory to win the White House […]
    Corinne Ball
  • NEW ADS: MoveOn Expands Senate Program in Maine, Arizona, and South Carolina  October 7, 2020
    New $2 million Ad Campaign on TV, Digital, Radio Fueled by Swell of Energy Against Republicans Stacking the Supreme Court and Denying Voters a Say Washington, DC — Today, MoveOn is releasing TV, digital, and radio ads in Maine, Arizona, and South Carolina to reach young people, people of color, and women, key groups that are […]
    Brian Stewart
  • MoveOn Member Stories: David Patridge Fights for Entertainment Workers October 2, 2020
    David Patridge, a MoveOn member from Hoboken, NJ, had done everything right. He went to school, found a career he loved, and worked hard. But now, he’s facing some bleak firsts. “I’m collecting unemployment for the first time in my life, laid off for the first time in my life, and facing possible economic consequences […]
    Gari De Ramos
  • MoveOn Member Stories: “My Vote Isn’t Just My Vote” October 2, 2020
    Written by Janet, MoveOn member. Political organizing doesn’t stop just because a pandemic is raging on. In a normal world, I would be knocking on doors, making phone calls, canvassing door-to-door, or stopping people on the street to have conversations about the election. But this time is different. In spite of life’s challenges, I am […]
    Gari De Ramos